Board of Directors

Paolo Gamberoni

President and CEO

Born in Verona (Italy) on 30/12/1956, Mr. Paolo Gamberoni is an italian entrepreneur passionate about innovation. He is the co-founder of Creactives and he is the managing director since 2000, conducting the company through different business models, the adoption of the most innovative technology and the internationalization process. He was also serving as a senior manager in Accenture and as managing director of a BPO business unit in EDS Italy. He is a graduate in Electronic Engineer at the University of Padua.

Adriano Garibotto

Board Member

Born in Santiago del Chile (Chile) on 09/02/1957, Mr. Adriano Garibotto is an italian entrepreneur and co-founder of Creactives with over 20 years of wide and international experience in the Procurement and Supply Chain business consultancy and services. Since 2000 he was dedicated to the sales and to the customer’s management supporting the internationalization of the company. He was also serving as general manager of a major Construction Company and co-founder and managing director of Tralix SA, producing prefabricated earthquake-proof. He is a graduate in Civil Engineer with an MBA at the UAI in Santiago del Chile.

Giandomenico Sica

Board Member

Born in Codogno (Italy) on 26/06/1982, Mr. Giandomenico Sica is the founder of Grafoventures, his own investment company focused on Small Caps across Southeast Europe. He is co-founder and Executive President of DHH, cloud computing provider listed on the Italian Stock Exchange. He was investor and executive director of MailUp, marketing technology company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, which he supported in scaling by M&A from 8M EUR to 27M EUR in 3 years. He was shareholder and partner of Digital Magics, startup incubator listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, where he originated the investment in Talent Garden (80% IRR). He is a graduate in Philosophy (hons) at the University of Milan.