Business model

Creactives has a flexible business model based on “SaaS, – Software as a Service”, which provides good earning visibility with a recurring revenue stream.

A set-up project is necessary to prepare the Software to provide the Service.

Set-up project with clients

Creactives knows 30 languages and a huge number of concepts and words, nevertheless, during the set-up project is learning from the customer’s examples to build the best Deep Neural Net and adapt the Semantic Knowledge Base.

Depending on the use case, on # of languages, # taxonomies and # items, the set-up project can last from zero or a few days to a few weeks.


Once the project is set up, the system is installed and can go live.

The SaaS service fee is depending on #languages, #items, #users and includes a “full service”: software, maintenance, update, special services, hosting.

The standard SaaS contract lasts 3 years.

The project range is depending on the use case:

  • a project of Inventory Optimization (Material Master Data) could span from 50.000 to 5 millions items and 10 languages.
  • a project of Procurement Optimization (Spending Classification) could span from 500.000 to 20.000.000 purchase orders and invoices rows in 2 to 30 languages per year.
  • a project of Classification Assistant could span from 40.000 to 500.000 suggestions in 4 to 20 languages per year.

TCV: total contract value

The Total Contract Value is total amount of the set-up project and the 3 year SaaS fee and changes accordingly from 50.000 € to 1.000.000 € or even more.

The renewal of the SaaS is automatic: we have a very low churn rate.

Sales and delivery model

The sales cycle is depending on the use case, the dimension of the customer, the dimension of the project and the deal organization (RFI, RFQ, Pilot, direct negotiation, partnership support).

The average is between 6 months (Classification Assistant) and 1 year (Inventory Optimization).


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Our history

Creactives S.p.A. was founded in June 2000 as a cost reduction consulting company.

Our key people

More than 20 years of experience in developing and selling tech solutions to enterprise clients worldwide.

Our products

Powerful software suite for optimizing the procurement process and management of material databases.