Our history

Creactives Group S.p.A. operates on the market through its fully controlled company Creactives S.p.A. – AI solutions for Supply Chain Digitization

Creactives SpA develops AI solutions for real-time procurement insights and assures data quality at the source of purchasing processes in any ERP or Source to Pay platform.

CREACTIVES S.P.A. born in June 2000 as a cost reduction consulting company. With the experience collected helping large Customers in different industries like process manufacturing, utilities, oil and gas, and logistics, Creactives has developed a dedicated technology to find saving opportunities in their Supply chains and assure data quality at the source. Indeed, supply chain data opacity and ambiguity are problems that affect more than 100.000 companies in the world, even amplified by other complexities like multilingual data from different back-end systems, encoded in different ways. The spending data misclassification, the not harmonized master data management, leads to enormous inefficiencies, like over-dimensioning of inventories, with duplicates and obsolete spare parts. The CREACTIVES S.P.A.’s supply is a comprehensive suite of applications for supply chain digitization: cleansing and harmonizing existing data and safeguarding the creation of new data.

In its twenty-year history, the Company delivered several big projects, with a large amount of multilingual and cryptic data to be analyzed. Creactives’ technology, for detailed data classification in a plurilingual environment, has been an enabler to support Customers setting an effective cost-cutting strategy successfully. But, at the same time, Creactives realized that data related to MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Operational parts, and services), which make up by far the vast majority of the hardest part of a company’s expenditure to keep track of, it has a cross-industry nature. The knowledge that Creactives gather from a project is cumulated and exploitable for new ones. This characteristic dramatically improves the scalability of the delivering capacity of the Company for new projects.

As of today, the Company has one of the world’s most extensive knowledgebase of industrial components in more than 30 languages, including Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

All that explains the extremely internationalized origin of the Company operating revenues. The majority of the turnover doesn’t come from Italy, but from the most important European countries (Austria, Benelux, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden) and also from extra-EU countries, as China and the United Arab Emirates. At the same time, Company has commercial negotiations in progress with Customers based in Brazil, Denmark, Egypt, Japan, Mexico, Peru, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

CREACTIVES SPA headquarters are in Verona with a subsidiary in Germany (Frankfurt) and commercial offices in France (Paris), and Spain (Madrid).


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